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Computational BIM

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▶︎ Format: Webinar recording
▶︎ Level: beginner/intermediate/advanced
▶︎ Duration: 2 hours

Course short description
Computational Design has become an essential part of Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry, helping AEC professionals to realise intricate and fluid forms, speeding up repetitive task, creating parametric models that can be responsive to the environmental conditions, or simplifying their complexity creating logical models based on mathematical rules. These techniques are evolving rapidly and feed from the latest developments in computational science like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but AEC professionals and non-specialists can start applying some of the benefits of computational design by learning some basic Grasshopper and a few programming languages.

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Target audience

All stakeholders

Table of contents

  • Computational BIM for construction



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Here is the course outline:

1. Welcome

In this module you will see the agenda and the table of contents of the course and learn how you will be able to use the exercise file to follow the course.

2. Conclusion

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