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Archicad For Interior Designers - By Enzyme

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For someone else
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▶︎ Format: Self Paced
▶︎ Level: Basic
▶︎ Duration: 3 HRS

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Learning Objective

Get familiar with the way Enzyme use Archicad to deliver their Interior specific projects from the basics to a competency level of being able to complete projects on your own.

Target audience

Suitable for Interior Designers

Table of contents

  • Session 1: Introduction- Learning objectives, Table of contents, Target audience, Software requirements, Sample project
    Session 2: Project Preparation: Project Template preparation for ID
    Session 3: Starting a Project
    Session 4: Modelling
    Session 5: Presentation
    Session 6: Technical Documentation
    Session 7: Information Management
    Session 8: Quality Control & Best Practices

  • Software Requirements

Minimum Archicad 24 


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Here is the course outline:

1. Session 1

In this module you will see the agenda and the table of contents of the course and learn how you will be able to use the exercise file to follow the course.

2. Session 2

This session will aim at project preparation and creating an Interior Design specific Project Template

3. Session 3

This session will guide you on starting a new project.

4. Session 4

In this session you will learn basic modelling concepts.

5. Session 5

This session will focus on important tools for presentation specifically for Interior design projects.

6. Session 6

In this session the aim is to skillfully create documentation of your project.

7. Session 7

This session will focus on Information Management

8. Session 8

This session will focus on quality control and best practices.

9. Conclusion

Thank you for completing this training! Please fill out the anonymous satisfaction survey so we can continue improving our training materials!

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