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BIM Coordinator Program (Coming Soon) Calendar view

BIM Coordinator Program (Coming Soon)

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▶︎ Bundle of courses
▶︎ Format: self-paced and trainer-led online courses
▶︎ Level: foundation & advanced

Become a Graphisoft Certified BIM Coordinator. Manage and coordinate BIM-enabled projects, collaborate with other disciplines, and organize your team's daily work in Archicad.

Available in 2023

Become a Graphisoft Certified BIM Coordinator 

A Certified Archicad BIM Coordinator understands all Archicad functionalities and maintains the digital framework and processes throughout all design phases of the project. They perform model quality assurance checks, collision detection, coordinate with other collaborators and ensure the smooth information flow among all parties involved in the BIM-enabled project. They manage the project in a way which ensures that all outputs and deliverables comply with the relevant standards.

The BIM Coordinator exam test is fully integrated into the Model Management bundle content. As a result of this, certification at this level is only available via the relevant course(s) successful completion and not via an independent exam.


The list of items available in this Bundle are the following (subject to change):

Foundation Level

  • OpenBIM principles
  • Model coordination in Archicad - Architects
  • Early Decisions for Better Building Energy Performance
  • Basic model and data quality assurance checks with Archicad

Advanced level

  • Collaboration in an OpenBIM environment
  • Model coordination with Solibri
  • Improving Building Performance through Energy Analysis
  • Model quality assurance with Archicad
  • Model quality assurance with Solibri
  • Data quality assurance with Archicad
  • Data quality assurance with Solibri

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